Production of EPAL Euro pallets continues in Ukraine despite the war

Several EPAL licensees in Ukraine have started production of EPAL Euro pallets again.

After the production of EPAL Euro pallets was initially completely disrupted by the onset of war, some factories have now resumed production, particularly in western Ukraine. This presents significant challenges. Many employees have been called up into the army to defend their country. Other employees have volunteered to supply the army and refugees with food and medicine. Many of the remaining staff are psychologically traumatized by the war and need care and support.

Bernd Dörre, CEO of EPAL:

"It is remarkable in every sense and deserves our utmost respect that EPAL's licensees in Ukraine are trying to continue to produce EPAL Euro pallets under these difficult conditions and despite the dangers of war. EPAL actively supports this, because it not only secures the existence of these companies and the livelihood of their employees, but also supports goods and transport logistics in Ukraine. EPAL Euro pallets are needed for the transport of relief goods in many locations in Ukraine."

EPAL recommends that customers of EPAL Euro pallet producers in Ukraine contact their suppliers directly to find out whether the production and supply of EPAL Euro pallets is still possible despite the war. Maintaining business and supply relationships is one of the best ways to support people in Ukraine. EPAL licensees can also let their customers know what specific aid is needed in Ukraine. This will allow customers of EPAL Euro pallet producers in Ukraine to organise their own aid deliveries. EPAL is available as a contact partner for this.