EPAL TÜRKIYE General Assembly approves the board

EPAL TÜRKIYE General Assembly approves the board

The 10th Ordinary General Assembly of EPAL Türkiye, the EPAL National Committee in Turkey, took place on 22/01/2022. The main purpose of the General Assembly was the election of the Board.

On 22/01/2022, members of EPAL Türkiye unanimously approved the Board with President Necat Altinok as the chair. This allows the Board of EPAL Türkiye to continue its successful work of recent years. EPAL Türkiye has achieved stable growth in the Turkish open EPAL Euro pallet pool by consistently increasing awareness of the EPAL brand and fighting brand counterfeiting. In 2021, the production of EPAL Euro pallets grew in Turkey by approximately 15% and repairs of EPAL Euro pallets even grew by approximately 24%.

Necat Altinok, President of EPAL Türkiye:
“EPAL Euro pallets are indispensable for Turkish logistics and particularly for the export of goods from Turkey to Europe and Asia. The significance of Turkey as a producer of certified EPAL Euro pallets has grown enormously since EPAL Türkiye was admitted as an EPAL member and National Committee in 2010. Quality-assured EPAL Euro pallets produced to international standards are the foundation from which Turkish companies can be part of the global supply chain.”

46 of the 57 EPAL licensees in Turkey who are members of EPAL Türkiye took part in the General Assembly and participated enthusiastically in discussions on the next steps in the development of the EPAL Euro pallet pool in Turkey.

Sinan Kartal, Vice-President of EPAL Türkiye:
“We are pleased that so many members attended the General Assembly. This gives us the approval to continue down the path we have decided on and to plan the next steps in the growth of the EPAL Euro pallet pool in Turkey.”

A short video with impressions of the EPAL Türkiye General Assembly is available here:
The video also shows exceptional use of EPAL Euro pallets in the foyer of the event.