EPAL Polska helps the people of Ukraine

EPAL Polska, the National Committee of EPAL in Poland, started actively providing assistance shortly after the war in Ukraine began.

EPAL Polska has maintained close contacts with Ukraine in recent years. In addition to the cooperation between licensees and the support in setting up the EPAL Euro pallet exchange pool in Ukraine, many people from Ukraine have also worked for Polish licensees. These close contacts are now proving extremely useful in supporting Ukraine.

Many owners and employees of EPAL licensees in Poland have taken in refugees from Ukraine. They not only provide accommodation for the refugees but also help to integrate them through placing Ukrainian children in schools and kindergartens or finding a job.

Support for people in Ukraine also started quickly. The first shipment of aid financed by EPAL Polska with a value of about € 5,000.00 had already been sent by the beginning of March.

Roman Malicki, President von EPAL Polska and member of the EPAL Board:

“Many members of EPAL Polska have declared their willingness to finance further aid shipments to ensure continuous support for the people of Ukraine. Due to close contacts with Ukraine, EPAL Polska has up-to-date and accurate information on what aid is needed. This allows deliveries to be managed effectively so that the required aid arrives at the right place.”

EPAL Polska has offered to support aid deliveries from other countries by providing the necessary logistics. The EPAL Board has gladly accepted this offer and thanks EPAL Polska for its significant humanitarian commitment. EPAL International and the other EPAL National Committees will be sending their own deliveries of relief supplies with the support of EPAL Polska in the coming weeks.

EPAL stands with the people of Ukraine.